On A Lark

by Jon Ransom

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Recorded, mixed and mastered in Milwaukie, Oregon by Barry Brusseau (August-October 2011)


released February 11, 2012

Jon Ransom - acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica, piano, vocals
Barry Brusseau - electric guitar, keyboard/synthesizer, piano, percussion



all rights reserved


Jon Ransom Portland, Oregon

Jon Ransom started playing guitar and writing songs at age 18, and over the course of a decade, has amassed an arsenal of songs ranging from quiet, contemplative tunes to anthemic folk rock ballads. No-frills, heart-on-your-sleeve, pure, unadulterated honest music. It's personal, intense yet fragile, and prone to bouts of incendiary cacophonies of melody and harmony. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Jay
she's as sweet as sweet can be,
finer than any shot of whiskey
when I see her face it makes me feel as free
as a blue blue jay,
or a cardinal depending on my mood today

she's the sweetest thing to me,
makes me feel glad then sad then sorta happy
sweeter than any wine
as sublime as a drop of honey
a-course I'm being serious
I'm not trying to be funny

she's as fair as a golden ale,
she churns my sea like a mighty gale
puts the evening winds in my sails
and ensnares my heart without fail
she's sweeter than anything
I could fathom or dream

oh my little blue blue blue jay
fly, fly, you're gonna fly away
be at peace my pretty little one
easy to tell you ain't havin' any fun
oh you're such a delicate one
go on fly, fly them blues away
I'll stay, I'll stay, I'll stay here,
dreamin' what dreams may come
Track Name: Long Train
there's a long train comin' down the tracks
I'm gripping gravel, passing smokestacks
it's a-comin' my way for to take me away
take me away, away, away from here

I confess I never did right by you, oh
I'm a mess with nothing left to lose
apology unaccepted, regrets overstated
my don't you look ever so elated,
jump in this boxcar and we'll fly, fly, fly away

there's a long train comin' down the line
go getcha rucksack n' I'll grab mine
ain't got no tickets, no worries we'll be free
to live a better life just you wait and see

there's a long train comin' down, down, down
whistles a-blowin', hear that sound, sound, sound?
it's nearin' time for me to leave this humdrum town
it's heading our way for to take, take us away
take us away, away, away from here
Track Name: Warm Bed
I hope there's a warm bed
for to rest your wand'rin head
let the weariness be fed
come as you go, as you were, as you are

as you lay down,
may it be safe and sound
when you lay yourself down
don't lay on the ground

mercies travel along your path
too many questions gone unasked
whatever befall you'll have the last laugh
come as you go, as you were, as you are

how unkind to want you to stay
nothing is keeping me away
take heart dear brother, hear your mother say
come as you go, as you were, as you are

I pray this song reaches your ears
though I know you shall not fear
hold strong n' wait, then you will hear
come as you go, as you were, as you are
Track Name: Just Like Lies
you could be a simple thing of beauty
but you are not to me
is it only me with the mistaken identity?

love comes unexpectedly knocking on your door
then it hides in the trees and laughs at you
for expecting somethin' more than a heartsore folklore

an honest love,
I want an honest love
the kind I been sleeplessly dreamin' of
but it don't come when you ask it to
just like lies ain't got a hint of truth

when I say goodbye to you
I pray the words they stick like glue
Track Name: I Know What Haunts You
I know what haunts you
do you want to know? it's me
I know what upsets you
you already know by now, it's me
I know who's in your dreams
you know but don't want to,
it's always me
always me

I know who you blame
I'll take all your shame
I know why you leave
part of me refuses to see
I know who you fancy
I still cannot believe it isn't me
it isn't me
Track Name: On A Lark
I said "I love you" on a lark
slung my arrow missed its mark
on a lark I thought I'd kiss you
stupid thought it didn't come true

you're not what I thought
when I paid the price and swore
with my heart I fought, I forgot what for

and I'll hold my breath until my lips turn blue
I'll count down the days till I no longer remember you

I said "I don't need you" on a lark
serve some good lil' time apart
on a lark I dreamt I'd miss you
wasn't a dream, I know it's true

I wish I didn't have to dream about you
do you dream of me the way I dream of you?

what's to lose there's nothing I've got
'cept these blues only brings to naught
I've been abandoned like this before
my heart's in a knot, can't endure much more
throw out the clothes on the floor
walk out the door, play the record once more
tenth track on M. Ward's "Post-War"
Track Name: Cowardly
I'm stuck at a fork in the road,
unsure of which way I should go
do I take the road less travelled,
or the road that everyone knows?

acting nervous for no reason
drinking cups of burnt coffee
my lips have committed treason
thinking what I said could make you love me

...and I'm pleased as punch to say
that there's not much I can do
to help you on your way out of pullin' it through
...when I think of words to say
then I swear I'll get back to you
but I can't pluck up enough
courage for it today, for it today

I chose a fork in the road
I'm scared of what I will find
laid down my bones, frailties exposed
now I know you have to be cruel to be kind

I'm a-walkin' down the road,
I don't know how far out it goes
in my soul my mind wounds heal
but God it takes a long, long time
Track Name: Funeral Song
oh death before you've found me
is there some grand scheme that
I've yet to conquer or see?

all we hope is to live to a suitable age
all I know is I don't want to get caught
with my time pissed away
and be unable to turn back
the hands of the clock

oh death after you've killed me
will you promise me please
that you leave me my memories?

all we hope is to live to a sensible age
all I know is I don't want to lose
the sensation of living onstage
the feeling I get in my bones and sinews